Tax Preparation & Representation

Choosing the right tax professional for your particular tax need is important. Knowing the qualifications of the person or firm you choose is also important.

Enrolled Agents (EA's) are federally-licensed tax practitioners who can represent taxpayers before the IRS in collections, audits and appeals. Authorized by the Department of Treasury's Circular 230, EA's have unlimited practice rights to advise, represent and prepare tax returns for individuals and all entities with tax reporting requirements.

Enrolled agents are required to demonstrate to the IRS their competence in all areas of taxation, representation, and ethics before they are awarded unlimited representation rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

 As an Enrolled Agent, I can not only prepare your tax returns, but also represent you before the IRS in all tax matters.  As a local business, I am  available year round if there are any issues, or you have any questions. 


                                                                      Services available include:

                                          Tax Preparation                                 Representation

                                          Individuals and Schedule C                 Representation before every level of the IRS

                                          Low Income / EITC                              Audit Representation

                                          Partnership / LLC                                Installment Payment Agreement

                                          Non-Profit                                            Offer-in-Compromise